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How to Practice Gratitude in Trying Times
Ready to rise above these very real challenges of changing times. Learn to strengthen this super-power to feel healthy, wealthy, and loving.
Change Your Story, Change Your Life
It's time to create the life you want to live.
Raise Your Vibrational Energy Challenge
You practice Gratitude every day and are living a life of your creation. But the daily onslaughts of these times keep slapping you in the face and draining your energy.  This Challenge will recharge your internal and external energy sources to enable you to realize your aspirations.
How to Have It All With the Power of Ancestral Healing
This beta course-experience will include two group healings with Gogo Griot. Learn what having it all really means and why your ancestors are waiting for you to claim the wealth of your inheritance.

Gogo Griot
Gogo Griot

An elder storyteller and ancestral energy healer, Gogo Griot unites the ancient with the modern. Her services help you connect with your ancestors to heal yourselves and the world.