"Be a Peace Provider"

Strengthen Your Inner & Outer Peace with Gogo Griot

Don't feel overwhelmed by the conflicts and violence around you. Cultivate inner peace by joining Gogo Griot in energetic ancestral healings for peace.

Based on the law of the conservation of energy and traditional earth based healing, these practices strengthen your emotional, spiritual, and intellectual muscles for peace. The only way to provide peace is to embody peace. The only way to embody peace is to practice with consistent patience, courage, and commitment.

Each peace healing focuses on a specific part of life because we are all connected. We cannot have peace in our communities when our forests are aflame or our animals become extinct.

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Practice peace for self, family, community, all the people in the world, animals, birds, trees, plants, waterways and oceans, fish & sea animals, our Milky Way, and the Universe.

Gogo Griot is a storyteller and an ancestral energy healer, trained in the Toltec tradition. To find her spiritual home in Buddhism, she practiced Catholicism, Islam, Sufism, and Hinduism.

As an elder, Gogo, storyteller, Griot, shares wisdom and knowledge to help you refine your life with fulfillment and purpose. 

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Watch a Peace Practice
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