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June 25, 2023

We live in a world filled with stories of power – 

democracy, capitalism, freedom, socialism, religion, marriage, medicine, family, war, justice, economics, health, beauty, and wealth. But when are you encouraged to know and to live in your own Power Story?

A two-day nature experience with six teenagers led me to realize my Power Story is all about storytelling. The youth played a storytelling game in which they pulled cards with a description such as main character, place, etc. I recorded responses. After all the cards were pulled, in less than a minute, I told a complete story which brought laughter and applause. The youth were energized, connected more, and increased communication with each other and the adults.

When I told my husband about that experience, he said, “You can do that with adults.” Thus, the Power Story Experience™ began. I felt a sense of renewal, certainty, purpose, clarity and, power, I’d not felt before. I saw how storytelling is my best healing tool and the best way to create communication, connection, and collaboration in communities, teams, organizations or businesses. I saw how my knowledge of storytelling enables me to offer a Power Story Experience™ to help you and your group grow and improve connection, collaboration, and retention.

Want to see how storytelling may help you? Let’s chat.

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