Now is the Perfect Time to Collaborate
to Expand Your Online Healing Business!

Introductions Now Open

Introduce Yourself while spaces are available.

Tired of getting no engagement on Facebook?

Want to share your knowledge but can't afford fees to start?

Want to gain confidence presenting online?

 Healers' Harbor

A collaborative space for healers to offer services to people seeking natural, alternative, energy, and spiritual healing.

Why a Harbor?

Healers are like ships traveling from one person to the next. Harbors are places to anchor and regenerate.

In harbor, you communicate and collaborate with fellow healers to heal each other and support each other, and share your unique abilities with those in need of healing.

What you will accomplish

Launch new programs while saving money 
Build your audience
Become an excellent presenter and healer
Gain marketing and collaboration skills

 Why is This the Perfect Time to Collaborate to Grow Your Business?

"A tree alone cannot withstand the storm."   Twi saying

Save Hundreds on Platform Expense

See Harbor Launch Sale Information Below.

Expand Your Online Presence

Through collaboration and cooperative organic marketing

Collective marketing explodes reach
Gain confidence with online presentations and workshops
Master event planning and execution
Build beneficial business relationships
Learn new software with experienced users 
Save money while making money

Healers' Harbor Launch Sale

Here's the truth: I'm an entrepreneur still struggling with my money mindset. With all this talk of inflation and recession (and that damn rising grocery bill!), I invite you to join me in this collaborative venture. I can't change my limiting mindset alone, but you benefit with this Healers' Harbor Launch Sale.

Save Hundreds

HeySummit's current lowest annual fee is $300.00. Healer's Harbor sale -  $100.00 (saving 0f  $150.00 from the usual fee)


Up to 1000 Registrants per program. Affiliate Payments up to 90%  -- no additional fees other than annual admin subscription fee.                                  

Exapnd Reach

Using collaborative organic marketing, the reach of all presenters expands. Admin will provide marketing copy and materials.

A New Shift

Unlike The Shift Network, Healers' Harbor, a collaborative, offers diversity, multiple methods, and cooperative ownership.

Introductions Now Open

Limited Time - Sale ends September 13, 2022 at midnight

Since the last session, I have received powerful insights and tools to self-regulate my nervous system in the moment I feel triggered. Yay!

Leah Moore

Physcial Trainer

I feel emotionally released from abusive patterns done by my own family which makes me more able to move on now.

Sierra Frost

Mental Health Coach

The process helped me to let go of deep pain and trauma. The space felt absolutely safe and warm and peaceful.

Diny van den Bout

Retired Coach

About Gogo Griot

Gogo has resources to help your business grow.

In 2019, I produced my first online summit. Balance Your Life with Women of Color Experts. Since that time, I started podcasts, became a Reiki Master, studied Toltec Healing, and accepted the calling to be an Ancestral Healer. 

I took part in the AARP Bridges for Billions Incubator Program in 2021. I also completed BetterUp coach training and continue to work with them.

This year, on Mother's Day, as a peace provider, I began free weekly ancestral healings for peace. 

Introductions Now Open

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