Do You Know Your Power Story?

It's easy to get caught up in the stories other people or society tell you about yourself. And before you know it, you're telling yourself a story that isn't yours. You're wondering why you feel something is missing in your life. Or there's a gnawing stress greeting you every day. Sound familiar? Want to regain your incredible life? 

Or are you the leader of  an organization or business looking for ways to motivate your team, to increase motivation and better collaboration? Do you know how potent storytelling is to strengthen community, build authenticity, and accomplish goals with greater ease?

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 Gogo Griot's Power Story

Your Power Story is more than your life story. It’s the fulfillment of your goals and dreams. Your Power Story is made up of the many stories of your life that lead you to know what gives you power. You may actually be living in your Power Story and not know it.

Even though I’ve been telling stories all my life, and professionally for over 25 years, my capitalistic Capricorn influences kept distracting me. That’s why I became a registered nurse when I was over 50 years old. Still, I never stopped telling stories. It was storytelling with a small group of teens that led me to realize fully my Power Story. I have a storytelling gift that allows me to not only tell stories but also to help others create stories. This gift works especially well with groups.

You manifest your personal power when you know your Power Story. That search can take you a lifetime or maybe just a few days with story defining tools and quiet reflection.  You can begin this journey by joining the Power Story Circle. It's free.

The Experience of Working with Gogo Griot


I feel emotionally released from abusive patterns done by my own family which makes me more able to move on now.

Sierra Frost

Mental Health Coach


Since the last session, I've received powerful insights and tools to self-regulate my nervous system in the moment I feel triggered. Yay! 

Leah Moore

Personal Trainer


The process helped me to let go of deep pain and trauma. The space felt absolutely safe and warm and peaceful.

Diny van den Bout

Retired Coach


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