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  connection, communication, and collaboration

A Power Story Experience™ is a fun, easy, and safe way to improve the interactions and results in your business, organization, or team. A Power Story™ is more than a life story. It’s the fulfillment of  goals and dreams. A Power Story is made up of the many stories of a life that lead to realizing true personl power. Without that knowledge, team members, co-workers, or even leaders may not be actualizing their full potential. 

The Power Story Experience™ uses the basic framework of story, enhanced with coaching skills, to create a supportive environment which allows individual power story development. With story defining tools, games, practices, and guided reflection, power stories manifest. When shared, power stories create deeper levels of understanding, connection, communication, and ultimately collaboration. A group of power story aware individuals are a source of transformative, productive energy.

 How Can a Power Story Experience™ Strengthen Your Team? Let’s Chat 

Who is Gogo Griot?

Gogo Griot has shared the power of storytelling as a performance art, educational method, and healing tool with audiences and groups in Chicago, Illinois, Denver, Colorado, throughout the state of Iowa, and in Homer, Alaska. The knowledge of the challenges people face in work environments, gained as a coach, enhances the effectiveness of the Power Story Experience™.

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