Your Ancestors are Waiting for You!

Gogo's Vision - Self-Fulfillment
Through Unified Synergy Ascentâ„¢ 

Through collaboration, you create community. With community, you gain courage to act with compassion. Without collaboration, community, courage, and compassion you cannot receive the love, abundance, and happiness life offers.

Unified efforts create a synergy which produces results greater than what is possible alone. This synergy enables you to ascend to the heights of your dreams and goals. 

Want to experience joy, light, peace, and happiness? 

Who Is Gogo Griot?

Gogo Griot is the elder aunt you've always wanted. She shares wisdom easily. Her presence and voice are equally healing. And she really, truly cares about YOU. She shares simple practices and stories that show how to live a life of ease, abundance, happiness, and gratitude.

She's performed on stages, written books, edited papers, and nursed birthing mothers. But it is from her continuing years of spiritual practice, as a Catholic, Muslim, Sufi, Hindu, and finally a Vajrayana Buddhist, she gains her wisdom and authority.  

In 2021, Gogo experienced a transformational ancestral healing. She said, "For the first time in my life, I emotionally experienced the pain and trauma of slavery and segregation my ancestors endured. I cried through the whole healing. At the end, I felt released from all the racial ropes that had bound my consciousness or subconscious. 

I felt re-created."

HEAL - Help Ease All Loss

Heal has many meanings but I sum them all up in the phrase, "help ease all loss." At the moment of birth, you experience the loss of security, safety, and comfort when you're pushed from your mother's womb. Losses, small and big, happen throughout your life.

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The Experience of Ancestral Healing with Gogo Griot


I feel emotionally released from abusive patterns done by my own family which makes me more able to move on now.

Sierra Frost

Mental Health Coach


Since the last session, I've received powerful insights and tools to self-regulate my nervous system in the moment I feel triggered. Yay! 

Leah Moore

Personal Trainer


The process helped me to let go of deep pain and trauma. The space felt absolutely safe and warm and peaceful.

Diny van den Bout

Retired Coach


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